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Need for Information

In the course of footwear impression casework and entry into a reference database, there is often the need to know the make, model, and other information about an item of footwear. This information is frequently present on the shoe in the form of various codes on the label. The information presented on the label and the codes used vary by manufacturer. The manufacturers do not provide readily accessible information on how to decipher the information presented on the labels, and many of the companies do not have individuals readily available to assist with law enforcement inquiries.

Project Information

A list of manufacturers was developed representing some brands of shoe commonly encountered in laboratory casework. Shoes of these brands were located at retail stores and images of the labels were taken. Gathering the images from retail locations ensured that the information obtained was from current products available in the retail market. Contact was then made with representatives from each of the manufacturers. The representatives were provided with the images that had been gathered from labels on footwear manufactured by their respective companies and asked to provide assistance in deciphering the information present on the labels.