Recommendations for Research

SWGTREAD acknowledges the role that research plays in furthering the science of analyzing shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence. Therefore, an on-going list of recommendations for research has been compiled and posted below. The topics include collection and preservation, class characteristics, identification, quality assurance and innovation.


SWGTREAD has an active discussion forum specifically geared towards researchers on which a wide variety of topics can be discussed.This forum will provide the user with access to a range of expertise, including other researchers and practitioners. It is highly recommended that anyone interested in performing research on shoeprint and tire tread evidence join the forum. Access can be granted by visiting the SWGTREAD Forum and completing the registration form.

Interested parties are encouraged to modify these research projects, as needed, to accommodate their resources and expertise.

Additionally, if you are currently performing research in the arena of shoeprint and tire tread impression evidence, please notify us. Also, we regularly invite researchers to present their work at our meetings.

Research with practical application must include practitioners to assist with the design, testing and evaluation.


Alan Kainuma ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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